Signature Projects



This administration has already developed shovel-ready projects for

  1. Providing educational supplies with Igbo content for use in elementary schools
  2. Kickoff of the zonal soccer competition in High Schools with the aim of stimulating competition among our youth and consequently recapture the spirit of the days of Phensic Cup and Academicals. We will continue to seek grant funding thereafter
  • Providing scholarships in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Mathematics (STEAM) areas in Universities in Igbo land. By launching we mean actually making the funds available through funds
  1. Project Macedonia designed to encourage professors in academia in the US to sign up to assist their counterparts in Igbo Universities during the summer when they go on vacation to Igbo land.

The Executive Director is working with the Education and Youth Committee (EYC) to actualize the implementation phase.

CONTINUATION OF MEDIUM TO LONG-TERM PROJECTSThese are projects that are being pursued under public private partnership participation arrangement and also require heavy investment to achieve. With meticulous planning the projects will begin in the life of this administration. There are geographical, governmental, financial (funding facility) and models to be developed by the relevant committees which will be expected to present a progress reports at the coming convention. These projects have been the focus of activities since 2012/2013. Such projects include:

  1. Regional Medical Center of Excellence (RMCE) in Igbo land to elevate the standard of healthcare delivery and reverse medical tourism. The health affairs committee has been working with Nsokpo, Ogbaku community of Imo State that provided a 50-Acre prime piece of land on Onitsha – Owerri express way. Igbo doctors in the Diaspora are driving the project.

Strategically restricted details of these projects are provided elsewhere.


Our Commitment to WIC Going Forward

Purpose of this thrust

To lay out strategies by the new administration, with the participation of all Diaspora Igbo, to revamp World Igbo Congress in order to enhance the robustness intended ab initio to reposition it for the onerous task ahead for the Igbo Nation.

Our Goals

  1. To reinstate the operational model of faithful adherence to the rules laid down at inception in order to restore the discipline needed for a viable and stronger WIC that will stand the test of time in this troubled era of the Igbo
  2. To establish an interfacing platform for all Diaspora Igbo Organizations to engender oneness of purpose, trust and unified response to emergencies
  3. To ensure that Diaspora Igbo under the aegis of World Igbo Congress is equipped psychologically and materially to undertake responsibilities that will ensure stability for the Igbo nation of the
  4. To have a robust World Igbo Congress that will respond energetically, rapidly, internationally and unapologetically to the needs of the Igbo as a

The Ikemba Strategic Committee

(The arrowhead of WIC’s renewed initiative)

GOAL: To prepare the WIC, the Igbo and Igbo land for today’s emergencies and for the future
  1. Immediately pursue a sustained global fundraising machinery for Diaspora Igbo
  2. Identify actionable litigation against all oppressors of the Igbo by way of Igbo Legal Defense
  3. Setup public relations and lobbying machinery so as to become proactive in Igbo affairs internationally and enlist the support of people or groups that will fight for us where it matters most
  4. Arrange presentations at World Centers including the United Nations, the governments of the US, The International Court of Justice at The Hague and Europe and African
  5. Stimulate our people to get politically involved locally so that, by default the Igbo becomes constituents of the political class in the US and elsewhere making it easy to mobilize this for our
  6. Rapidly articulate WIC response to any future
  7. Liaise with and report to the board for approval of decisions

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