Second Niger Bridge

The politics of second Niger Bridge

I marveled at the speed at which the construction of a new bridge over the Lewisville Lake was done. The stretch of the new bridge on Interstate 35E in Lewisville that connects Dallas and other suburbs, as well as other states, may be longer than the Niger Bridge. Yet, it was constructed within a short period of time.

  The old bridge, which is still being used for the southbound traffic, is in perfect shape. The reason for the construction of the second bridge was to reduce traffic on the old bridge. The heavy traffic on the old bridge was dreadful for the commuters—snarling into a terrible nightmare for those commuting to work daily. The new bridge ushered in a sigh of relief for the commuters, who have reduced their driving time to and from work.

Contrasting with the age-old talk of the second Niger Bridge, where inaction has been heralded as the norm. The danger of the politics of the second Niger Bridge is the eventual collapse of the current bridge and culminating enormous loss of lives and property. Each time I remember Niger Bridge, I fret over the consequences indifference on the part of the federal government.

Also, the emotional roller-coaster takes me to the memory of the collapse of an eight-lane steel truss arch I-35W Mississippi River Bridge. There were televised sentiments and emotional anguish expressed by the eyewitnesses to the rush hour catastrophic collapse of an eight-lane steel truss arch I-35W Mississippi River Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 1, 2007. I remember vividly that day and the ensuing wall to wall coverage of the accident by the television networks. With advanced and efficient first responders in America, many families still were devastated and the nation sympathized and remembered them in its thoughts. Indeed, it was a sad day in the US, particularly in Minnesota.

Sadly, the anguish could be quadrupled in the event that Niger Bridge collapses—an inevitable collapse that would reverberate around the country; the predictable crumple is just a matter of time. Obviously, the calamity would result in scores of luxurious buses and other numerous vehicles with their passengers being plunged into River Niger—an avoidable reality. Indeed, there is a technical report currently sitting with the Presidency warning that the present Niger Bridge will collapse any moment from now. This is alarming!

In fact, the associated human and economic costs of the predictable, but avoidable calamity of the Niger Bridge are enormous. Let me reiterate, undoubtedly, the human and economic consequences resulting from Niger Bridge collapse would be gargantuan—loss of lives and livelihood—creating colossal human and financial burdens on families in the Southeast in particular. About thousands of people would lose their lives or be maimed for life leaving an indelible scare on their body, mind, and soul; transportation industry in the affected areas would grind to a halt, as well as loss of property and services.

Also, the financial institutions and insurance industry would be gravely impacted resulting to uncontrollable inflation, and general economic disruption and dislocation of the affected regions that would cause massive economic deterioration. The collapse would compound the utility loss and costs associated with public reaction and replacement, which may linger for generations.

Let us not forget that Niger Bridge is the only link by road between Southeast and Delta, Old Midwest, and Old West. That link will be broken causing enormous economic disruption and dislocation for the entire South, particularly the entire Old Eastern Region. Therefore, a mere possibility of the collapse of the Niger Bridge should be a heightened concern to everyone, particularly the federal government.

It should be the policy of the federal government to maintain and rebuild Nigeria’s infrastructure for continuous economic and human development. It is a sound domestic policy the policymakers and economic advisers should honestly embrace. The collapse of Niger Bridge will lead to the economic strangulation of the Southeast thereby affecting industry and commerce in Nigeria, among other sectors, with unmitigated lurk behind severe unemployment and inflation. As a result, many past administrations have promised to build the second Niger Bridge. We call on President Buhari to begin and speed up the construction of second Niger Bridge.

Mr. President, please commence work immediately on the second Niger Bridge. Do not allow this inevitable catastrophe happen on the current Niger Bridge. Don’t let it happen under your watch! The people desperately need your leadership on this matter. Please mobilize the National Assembly, Minister/Ministry of Works, Minister/Ministry of Transportation, and critical principals to action. The country has reached a critical mass and the second Niger Bridge should be built without any further delay. Many past administrations made a promise to build a second Niger Bridge and dredge Niger River, but they failed the people. Please Mr. President, rise to this occasion and act without equivocation. Again, it is the moral obligation of the federal government to rebuild and maintain its infrastructure for economic viability, as well as economic growth of the nation. Perhaps, the buoyant economic benefits of the construction of the second Niger Bridge may spur a necessary action on this critical and life-saving project.  

In any case, I dread the inevitable; the grim outlook of loss of human lives churns my stomach. I speculate that thousands of people, including babies and women would lose their precious lives in the event that Niger Bridge caves in.

The despair that would accompany such loss of lives, including physical injuries, would be written indelibly on the faces of Nigerians, particularly on the soul of people from the Southeast. It will be a sad day for the nation.

Perhaps the sadness should be deep enough to emerge a rallying cause for Nigerians. I feel strongly about the second Niger Bridge just like many other Nigerians.


Our Commitment to WIC Going Forward

Purpose of this thrust

To lay out strategies by the new administration, with the participation of all Diaspora Igbo, to revamp World Igbo Congress in order to enhance the robustness intended ab initio to reposition it for the onerous task ahead for the Igbo Nation.

Our Goals

  1. To reinstate the operational model of faithful adherence to the rules laid down at inception in order to restore the discipline needed for a viable and stronger WIC that will stand the test of time in this troubled era of the Igbo
  2. To establish an interfacing platform for all Diaspora Igbo Organizations to engender oneness of purpose, trust and unified response to emergencies
  3. To ensure that Diaspora Igbo under the aegis of World Igbo Congress is equipped psychologically and materially to undertake responsibilities that will ensure stability for the Igbo nation of the
  4. To have a robust World Igbo Congress that will respond energetically, rapidly, internationally and unapologetically to the needs of the Igbo as a

The Ikemba Strategic Committee

(The arrowhead of WIC’s renewed initiative)

GOAL: To prepare the WIC, the Igbo and Igbo land for today’s emergencies and for the future
  1. Immediately pursue a sustained global fundraising machinery for Diaspora Igbo
  2. Identify actionable litigation against all oppressors of the Igbo by way of Igbo Legal Defense
  3. Setup public relations and lobbying machinery so as to become proactive in Igbo affairs internationally and enlist the support of people or groups that will fight for us where it matters most
  4. Arrange presentations at World Centers including the United Nations, the governments of the US, The International Court of Justice at The Hague and Europe and African
  5. Stimulate our people to get politically involved locally so that, by default the Igbo becomes constituents of the political class in the US and elsewhere making it easy to mobilize this for our
  6. Rapidly articulate WIC response to any future
  7. Liaise with and report to the board for approval of decisions

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