Next Generation

Date:13 Jan, 2018

Skills:All fields of professionalism

Client:Young Igbo Professionals in the Diaspora

Next Generation

The WIC Next Generation Committee comprises young leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in their 20s through 40 who commit their resolve and enthusiasm toward supporting Diaspora Igbo and Igbo land on the platform of World Igbo Congress. The goal of the Next Generation Committee is to seek ways to engage, serve and support Ndi Igbo while pursuing networking for success. Members become active in Igbo affairs as they understudy WIC leadership processes. Members also study issues that affect Igbo youth and choose WIC projects to support through education, advocacy, skill sharing/remote volunteering and fundraising and cohesion of future Igbo land. Through their activities, members mobilize their networks and inspire their generations to take action on behalf of the Diaspora Igbo. The committee will be:

Serving Young Igbo Professionals

The Next Generation Committee works to provide Young Igbo Professionals with:

  1. Social media and Web resources tailored to their career and for networking to solve Igbo needs
  2. Intra-group Mentoring opportunities that culminate in the development of Igbo land
  3. Value and relevance for WIC Next Generation Membership and movement and Igbo affairs
  4. Activities that fit their career while promoting activities for the future of Igbo land

Become rising leaders from all professional sectors who are:

  • Passionate about WIC Next Generation missions and interested in civic engagement to promote Igbo cause and wellbeing in Nigeria and worldwide
  • Seeking to join a leadership community that elevates their engagement in service and civic leadership activities
  • Forty years old and younger

Have an opportunity to make a difference

  • THROUGH COMMUNITY – The WIC Next Generation convenes an exceptional group of change-makers and rising leaders from diverse sectors, leveraging a collective sense of service and purpose to elevate the impact of each individual and Igbo Nation
  • THROUGH CIVIC ENGAGEMENT – During meetings and conferences, WIC Next Generation Committee members will be given the opportunity to discuss various paths of political and civic engagement to advance WIC Mission. Members stay connected with each other and in various ways, while potentially working under WIC in civic engagement initiatives

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